Acima Credit

For patients looking for an alternative way to pay, get a 90-day payment option with flexible payment plans through Acima Credit. Learn more:

Approval Requirements

Monthly Income - Do you deposit $1,000 or more into your checking account each month?

Income History - Do you have a three-month history with your current employer or source of income?

Checking Activity - Is your checking account free from NSFs, excessive overdrafts, and negative balances?

Checking Account - Have you had a checking account for at least 90 days?

Flexible Payment Options

You can choose from weekly, bi-weekly, twice monthly, or monthly payment schedules designed to align with your paydays. Whatever works best for you.


Pay Over 12 Months - Take time to repay your account over 12 months with payment scheduled to align with your payday.

90-Day Payment Option - Payoff within 90 days and we’ll simply close your account for the amount financed.

Early Payoff Discount - Payoff after 90 days and save 25%
or more on all outstanding payments.