Are You Protecting Your Eyes For Winter?

We are all genuinely protective with our eyes and skin during the Spring and Summer seasons, however, when Fall and Winter come around we seem to neglect that same care just because the sun is not visible and the temperature is not hot. This exposure to UV light can cause damages to the eyes developing cataracts and molecular degeneration. 

What you can do to protect your eyes this winter season is by wearing sunglasses even when there is an overcast to shield yourself from those invisible UV rays as well as using eye drops when your eyes become dry and itchy in the cold. 

Eyecare Leaders can provide you with a pair of full UV-protected polarized prescription sunglasses or if you would prefer a custom-made magnetic clip-on for your next pair of prescription glasses made from Chemistrie Clips. Book your appointment today on our website or give us a call at our other locations. 

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for choosing Eyecare Leaders and we wish you good health and the well-being of you, and your family and have a safe holiday.


Michael Nguyen Manager at Eyecare Leaders Pearland

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