Glaucoma Awareness Month!

  Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness and can occur at any age, however, it is found more commonly in older adults. Glaucoma is damage to the optic nerve and is usually related to the increased pressure in the eye. Anyone can get Glaucoma but some are at a higher risk than others such as adults over 60 or having a family history of Glaucoma. There is no cure for Glaucoma, however, there are ways to stop or even slow down the damage. 

  One symptom is the gradual loss of vision beginning with your prereferral vision. If you are experiencing intense eye pain, red eyes, and blurry vision, visit your optometrist as soon as possible. There is no way to prevent Glaucoma. That is why it is so important to see your doctor and prevent any more damage from happening. 

  There are ways to detect Glaucoma before it does any more damage. At Eyecare Leaders we can detect Glaucoma is by taking an exam called Retinal Imaging Exam. This procedure uses a camera lens to take a picture of the posterior structure of the eye and digitally scan the eye. It is not an x-ray or ultrasound, but a highly advanced digital imaging and scanning system to help us access the health of the posterior eye and provide early detection of retinal diseases. We can also conduct a Dilated Eye Exam which consists of instilling eye drops onto the eyes to enlarge the pupils allowing a larger view for the doctor to analyze each eye. This exam is also essential for patients with a history of diabetes, hypertension, or any eye disease. 

  If you currently have Glaucoma, take your prescribed medication or look into other options for surgery. Talk it over with your doctor and always come in for regular checkups. As always, thank you for choosing Eyecare Leaders and we wish you good health and the well-being of you and your family

Michael Nguyen Manager at Eyecare Leaders Pearland

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