How Often Are You Checking On Your Eyes

Many people can have a blurry vision but adapt to it. This adaptation can be great enough to convince them that they need a vision correction. It may be hard to know if you require prescription glasses or not, so how often should you take a full comprehensive eye exam? Many Optometrists will recommend that patients take an eye exam at least once a year, but your age can vary that amount. For children, eye exams are essential in school. 80% of the information children learn is received visually, so having that clear vision is necessary for their growth and education. Children at the ages of three to eighteen should be taking eye exams every year to correct their vision for the new school year. Signs of early vision loss can be indicated as frequent blinking or rubbing of the eyes, complaints of double vision, or complaints of headaches or fatigue. When visiting your optometrist, always provide you and your child's medical history so they may adequately assess your child's recommended eye exam schedule. For adults that are ages eighteen to forty are less likely to experience rapid vision loss. At this age, you can take eye exams every year or at least two years. Despite the statistics, everyone should be regularly checking the health of their eyes regardless the age or current health condition. When reaching fifty to sixty years of age, taking a full eye exam at least once a year is strongly recommended. As you get older you are more likely to develop cataracts and/or vision-related issues.


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