Women's Eye Health and Safety Awareness Month

This month of April is designated to educate our community about the increased risk for women's vision health issues. 

Some major vision problems found more prevalent for women include:

-Late Age Macular Degeneration 



-Thyroid Eye Disease

This is because women on average live longer than men, and thus are susceptible to developing eye conditions associated with getting older. Additional to aging, women have unique health issues related to pregnancy and will find it more difficult to see clearly during pregnancy and menopause. 

Women in our society play a key role in providing and building healthy families. We should take this time to make everyone's vision health a priority and make an appointment for your eyes with Eyecare Leaders. Thank you for choosing us and we wish you good health and the well-being of you and your family.





As women are at higher risk for eye disease, prevent blindness declares April as women's Eye Health and Safety Month. Prevent Blindness. (2021, March 24). Retrieved April 6, 2022, from https://preventblindness.org/2021-womens-eye-health-month/

Michael Nguyen Manager at Eyecare Leaders Pearland

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